All-Russian family beach resort “New Anapa” is the main resort project of the country!
Турпоток, человек в год: 2800000
Номеров, шт: 15000
A tourist and recreational cluster on the shores of mountain lake Abrau, combining health, beach, and ecotourism. The first wine tourism center in the country.
Турпоток, человек в год: 1037000
Номеров, шт: 704
Tourist territory "Kazan Marina" 60 km from Kazan, on the shore of the Kuibyshev reservoir for various sports and recreation, including yacht tourism.
Турпоток, человек в год: 620000
Номеров, шт: 1250
"Three Volcanoes" is a tourist area that combines ski and mountain tourism on the basis of the main attractions of the Kamchatka Territory.
Турпоток, человек в год: 697494
Номеров, шт: 1048
"Baikalskaya Sloboda" is a center of cultural, educational, ecological and health tourism of international level, 40 kilometers from Irkutsk on the bank of the Angara River.
Турпоток, человек в год: 850000
Номеров, шт: 3500
Турпоток, человек в год: 635000
Номеров, шт: 2600
The tourist territory "Belokurikha Gornaya" is located in the Altai Territory at an altitude of about 800 m above sea level.
Турпоток, человек в год: 210000
Номеров, шт: 1160
"Lagonaki" is an all-season mountain eco-resort, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the World Natural Heritage Site "Western Caucasus"
Турпоток, человек в год: 500000
Номеров, шт: 642
Eco—resort "Konduki" is a tourist and recreational zone within the boundaries of the territory of the Romantsev Mountains
Турпоток, человек в год: 293000
Номеров, шт: 530
  • Master-plans have been developed: 11

  • Subsidiaries created: 5

  • Total number of rooms: 22 900

  • Invest projects: 101

  • Marinas: 4

  • Subjects of the RF already works with us: 34

  • Ski slopes by 2035: 300

  • Participation of the Tourism.RF Corporation in the authorized capital

  • We are a one-stop shop for the development of tourist areas

  • We develop master plans for tourist areas

  • We connect experts from the 5 best consulting companies

  • Co-financing the construction of supporting infrastructure

  • minimizing environmental impact

  • preservation of historical and natural heritage of territories

  • creation of “green” tourism infrastructure