minimizing environmental impact

resource saving

restoration of the natural potential of the territory

Sustainable development

The concept of sustainable development is based on the approach in which the satisfaction of human needs is achieved through preserving the environment and the resources necessary for this. We implement investment projects to create facilities tourism infrastructure, paying particular attention to strict environmental requirements. The Corporation applies comprehensive solutions in the implementation of their projects, introducing innovative technologies aimed at rational and responsible use of all types of resources.

The Corporation's priorities include not only the creation modern, high-quality and accessible tourist facilities infrastructure, but also the compliance of these facilities with environmental criteria. Including the sustainability of the territory, quality environment and space, energy efficiency and resource saving.

We believe that one of the important components of success is human capital. We attract to work at the Tourism.RF Corporation active, purposeful and talented people. For them we We create comfortable and safe working conditions. In our In the “green” office we provide opportunities for personal growth and professional development.

Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance - three key parameters according to which companies provide sustainable development management and allow solve environmental, social and management problems.

Reforestation as part of the development of tourist areas

Environmental policy of JSC Tourism.RF Corporation, which applies to all projects.
A system for assessing the quality of investment projects in the field of ESG, as well as mandatory criteria in the field of ESG for the preparation of master plans for tourist areas.
Corporate standard for “green” construction and operation of tourism infrastructure facilities.
A collection of service providers, materials and trade turnover for “green” construction and operation of tourism infrastructure facilities.

Program "Green Resorts of Russia"

Joint-stock company "Corporation Tourism.RF" in collaboration with the RusClimatFond Foundation is pleased to present a comprehensive program "Green Resorts of Russia". This unique initiative combines efforts in the field of sustainable tourism and environmental responsibility, aimed at restoring forest ecosystems as part of the development of tourist areas in Russia.

Program goals:
  • Forest restoration: We strive to restore and increase the area of ​​forests in regions attractive to tourists. This will not only restore biodiversity and ecosystems, but also create natural attractions for visitors.
  • Tourism: We support and develop sustainable development practices in tourism, promoting responsible behavior towards the environment. We promote the introduction of environmentally friendly practices at tourist sites.
  • Social Responsibility: We involve local people and communities in our projects, promoting social sustainability.

The Green Resorts Russia program demonstrates our determination to make Russia an attractive and responsible tourist destination, restore forest resources and support a sustainable future for all. We invite you to join this important initiative and be part of the change for the better.

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Corporate standard for “green” construction and operation of tourism infrastructure facilities
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Environmental policy of JSC "Corporation Tourism.RF"
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