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Website privacy policy


15 March 2021


1.1. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the User’s personal data is defined as follows:

1.1.1. any personal information that the User provides about themselves at their own initiative upon registration (creating an account) or when using the services, including the User’s personal data. Any information that is mandatory for the provision of the services will be marked as such. Other information may be provided by the User at their discretion.

1.1.2. any data which is automatically submitted to the Website services when they are accessed using the software on the User’s device, including Internet Protocol (IP) address, cookies, details about the User’s browser (or other software used to access the services), technical specifications of the User’s hardware and software, the date and time when the User accessed the services, the URLs of the pages the User visited and other similar data.

1.1.3. other information about the User which is processed subject to the Website Terms of Use.

1.1.4. This Privacy Policy shall only apply to the Website at www.туризм.рф. The Website at www.туризм.рф does not control and is not responsible for any third-party websites that the User may access by clicking the links on the Website at www.туризм.рф.


2.1. The Website collects and stores only such personal data that is required for providing the services or performing the agreements with the User, unless it is a statutory requirement to store personal data for a period of time stipulated by law.

2.2. The Website processes the User’s personal data for the following purposes:

2.2.1. to identify the User, solely for the purposes of improving the provision of information on the Website, improving user (visitor) service, identifying most frequently visited pages (interactive services) on the Website, and gathering traffic statistics.

2.2.2. to provide the User with access to personalised content on the Website.

2.2.3. to exchange feedback, including notices and requests to the User concerning Website use and services, and processing requests and queries from the User.

2.2.4. to locate the User for security purposes and to prevent fraudulent activity.

2.2.5. to verify that the personal data provided by the User is complete and accurate.

2.2.6. to provide the User with efficient customer and technical support in the event of any issues related to Website use.

2.2.7. to show advertising upon the User’s consent.


3.1. The Website retains the User’s personal data in accordance with the internal regulations of specific services.

3.2. All User’s personal data will remain confidential unless the User voluntarily provides information about themselves to be available for the public at large. When using certain services, the User agrees that a certain part of their personal data will become public.

3.3. The Website has the right to transfer the User’s personal data to a third party in the following cases:

3.3.1. The User gave their consent to such transfer.

3.3.2. Such transfer is necessary for the User to be able to use a certain service or for the performance of a specific agreement with the User.

3.3.4. Such transfer is required by Russian or other applicable law as part of a procedure prescribed by such law.

3.3.5. In the event that the Website is acquired by a third party, the buyer will undertake all the obligations to observe this Privacy Policy as applied to the obtained personal data.

3.4. The User’s personal data will be processed for an unlimited period of time by any legal means, including in personal databases using automated tools or without such tools. The User’s personal data is processed in accordance with the Federal Law No. 152-FZ On Personal Data of 27 July 2006.

3.5. In the event of loss or disclosure of personal data, the Website administration shall inform the User about such loss or disclosure.

3.6. The Website administration shall take all necessary organisational or technical measures to protect the User’s personal data from unauthorised or accidental access, destruction, change, blocking, copying, dissemination, as well as from other unlawful third-party activity.

3.7. The Website administration and the User shall take all necessary action to prevent damage or other adverse consequences as a result of loss or disclosure of the User’s personal data.


4.1. The User shall:

4.1.1. provide their personal data required for using the Website;

4.1.2. update the provided personal data in case of changes.

4.2. The Website administration shall:

4.2.1. use the obtained information for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy only;

4.2.2. ensure confidentiality of any sensitive information, not disclose such information without the User’s written consent, or sell, exchange, publish or disclose the User’s personal data by other possible means which are not stipulated by this Privacy Policy;

4.2.3. take precautions to protect the confidentiality of the User’s personal data according to common business practices;

4.2.4. block the personal data of a specific User from the moment of receiving a request or a query from this User, their legal representative or a competent body authorised to protect the rights of personal data subjects, for the period of investigation if the personal data was found to be inaccurate or mishandled.


5.1. The Website administration in breach of its obligations shall be held liable for any damages incurred by the User due to unlawful use of their personal data, according to Russian law.

5.2. In the event of loss or disclosure of sensitive information, the Website administration shall not be held liable if such sensitive information:

5.2.1. had become part of the public domain before it was lost or disclosed;

5.2.2. had been obtained from a third party before it was received by the Website administration.

5.2.3. was disclosed upon the User’s consent.


6.1. Filing a complaint (a written settlement proposal) is mandatory before filing a court claim concerning any disputes between the Website User and the Website administration.

6.2. The recipient of a complaint shall notify the complainant about the outcome of reviewing the complaint in writing within 15 calendar days.

6.3. Should the parties fail to reach agreement, the dispute shall be referred to court according to Russian law.

6.4. This Privacy Policy and the relationship between the User and the Website administration shall be governed by Russian law.


7.1. The Website administration may from time to time change this Privacy Policy without the User’s consent.

7.2. A revised Privacy Policy shall take effect upon its publication on the Website unless otherwise specified in the revised Privacy Policy.

7.3. Suggestions and questions concerning this Privacy Policy may be emailed to

7.4. The effective Privacy Policy is available online at www.туризм.рф.

7.5. This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Website Terms of Use available at www.туризм.рф.