Tourism.Russian Federation together with DOM Bank.The Russian Federation presented the investment potential of future resorts in four regions of Russia

Tourism Corporation.RF and Bank DOM.The Russian Federation held a presentation of tourism projects at the Coordination Center of the Government of the Russian Federation. Investors were presented with master plans for the integrated development of large tourist areas "Kazan Marina" in the Republic of Tatarstan, "Belokurikha Gornaya" in the Altai Territory, "Baikal Sloboda" in the Irkutsk region and "Aina Valley" in the Sakhalin region.

We are working on implementing these future year-round tourism resorts.RF and Dom.The Russian Federation will work together within the framework of the agreement on comprehensive development of the tourism industry in the regions of Russia signed on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum.

As Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko noted earlier, the projects will help in solving the task set by the President to accelerate the creation of tourist infrastructure. Their implementation will allow creating more than 8,5 thousand comfortable hotel rooms and over 10 thousand new jobs in Tatarstan, Altai Krai, Irkutsk and Sakhalin regions, so that the tourist flow to these resorts will potentially amount to 2.3 million people by 2030.

"For the further development of tourism infrastructure, it is important to provide project financing on attractive terms for private investors, which will allow maintaining high investment activity in the industry. Joint implementation of large-scale projects by two development institutes, two centers of industry competencies will give a synergistic effect for the dynamic development of tourism infrastructure in the country, " commented the General Director of the Tourism Corporation.Russian Federation Sergey Sukhanov.

The Corporation's current portfolio includes more than 90 projects in 38 regions at various stages of implementation. The total number of rooms in the current portfolio is more than 20,000. The total amount of investment in them is about 500 billion rubles.

"Tourism as a multiplicative industry is a potential driver of economic growth and the standard of living of citizens. We see great business prospects in this area, which is comparable to project financing of housing construction, which has become the fastest growing segment of bank lending in a few years. Tourism.The Russian Federation has developed high-quality projects with detailed, structured development plans, which the Bank supports.The Russian Federation is ready to provide stable financing, " said the Chairman of the Management Board of DOM Bank.Russian Federation Artem Fedorko.

Bank DOM.The Russian Federation – one of the leaders in project financing for developers, has been implementing tourism infrastructure projects since 2021. The Bank provides concessional loans for the construction and reconstruction of hotels under the 141-pp, 214-FZ and 214-FZ programs of concessional lending to small and medium-sized businesses using the sale-leaseback mechanism, as well as provides special loans for the construction of modular prefabricated hotels.