The Crimean Riviera is an amazing resort of the Republic of Crimea, located on the seashore and is perfect for families with children. Pebbles, sand and clear water. Saki lies in the Gulf of Kalamita, so the sea water is warm, its average summer temperature is +17 Cm.

The implementation of the project is the creation of a whole complex of 800 rooms with all the necessary and modern infrastructure for servicing guests, including:

  • Premises of the main restaurant and conference center. 

  • Indoor water park, thermal complex, swimming pool complex with water park elements • Medical complex, SPA center. 

  • Swimming pool group, landscaped resort area with children's, sports and animation playgrounds

  • Children's club, children's theme park

  • Summer Concert Hall

  • Parking for guest service

  • Economic zone for hotel maintenance (power center, storage rooms, dormitory, laundress, offices, working canteen).

Key indicators

13 hectare Total square
91 000 Tourist flow per year
841 things Rooms
870 Work places
16? billion rubles Total investment

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