Tourism.RF Corporation signs cooperation agreements with nine Russian regions
19 November 2021
Tourism.RF press service
Tourism.RF Corporation signs cooperation agreements with nine Russian regions
Agreements on developing tourism infrastructure were signed between the Tourism.RF Corporation and regions of the Central, Siberian, and Far Eastern federal districts. The ceremony was attended by Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Chernyshenko.

Another nine Russian regions – Altai, Trans-Baikal and Kamchatka territories, Kemerovo, Kursk, Pskov, Samara and Ulyanov regions, as well as Chuvashia – have been added to the Tourism and Hospitality Industry national project.

“Today we are taking another big step towards our national goals. Working together with the regions makes it possible to provide high-quality and affordable tourism services to our citizens and opens up new travel destinations to them. But the main thing is, this brings us closer to our economic and social goals. Soon, 50 tourism infrastructure projects will be implemented in 27 Russian regions. We will build and put into use nearly 30,000 new hotel rooms. Infrastructure improvements will increase the tourist flow by 9.4 million people in total in these regions. These projects will also create an additional 20,000 jobs all across Russia,” Dmitry Chernyshenko said.

The deputy prime minister added that tourism produces a multiplier effect and has significant potential to boost local businesses.

In order to reach this potential, the state plans to provide support to private investors, and opportunities for co-financing projects are included in the investment programme of the Tourism.RF Corporation.

“The priority investment programme for 2021-2022 is almost completed,” Corporation CEO Sergei Sukhanov said. “We have examined 385 investment proposals, chosen 50 of the most promising ones and we’ve already received positive investment feedback on most of them. And this is just the beginning of our joint work. We still have to analyse tourist destinations, outline their development concepts, design them, start construction and finish on time.”

The corporation will help make the Sheregesh complex in the Kemerovo Region more comfortable and accessible, and create the Predgorye Altaya (Altai Piedmont) tourism cluster. Another tourism cluster will be established in Kursk Region, centered around the Battle of Kursk memorial complex. Changes are also coming to the Trans-Baikal Territory, with tourism projects such as the Darasun health tourism complex, the Ivano-Arakhleisky cluster and the Agin-Buryat car tourism cluster. In the Samara Region the corporation, together with the regional government, plans to develop such areas as Samarskaya Luka and Sokolyi Gory, and in Ulyanovsk it will launch the highly anticipated construction of the Ivanovsky Zaliv and Undoria Geological Park tourism and recreation clusters, as well as make improvements to the city embankment.