Sustainable development

The concept of sustainable development is based on an approach in which the satisfaction of human needs is achieved while preserving the environment and the resources necessary for this.

We implement investment projects to create tourism infrastructure, paying special attention to strict environmental requirements. The Corporation uses integrated solutions in the implementation of its projects, introducing innovative technologies aimed at the rational and responsible use of all types of resources.

Our sustainability priorities:
• creation of green tourism infrastructure
• minimization of environmental impact
• preservation of the historical and natural heritage of the territories
• promotion and cooperation

The Corporation's priorities include not only the creation of modern, high-quality and affordable tourist infrastructure, but also the compliance of these facilities with environmental criteria. Including - the sustainability of the territory, the quality of the environment and landscape, energy efficiency and resource economy.

We consider human capital to be one of the important components of success.
We attract active, motivated and talented people to work at Tourism.RF Corporation. We create comfortable and safe working conditions for them. In our green office, we provide opportunities for personal growth and career development.