The development of domestic and inbound tourism is a complex strategic task that includes creating, over the next ten years, a series of fascinating and convenient travel itineraries across unique areas. Such tours will have no analogues anywhere in the world. Moreover, the development of tourism will influence a number of economic and social factors: it will create millions of jobs, make travel around Russia more comfortable and affordable, and open up new business opportunities.

We are a reliable partner for investors. The Tourism.RF Corporation invites businesses to participate in the development of tourism infrastructure through public-private partnerships. We will support our partners at every stage of the project, from master planning and design to completing the facility.

“We will ensure capitalisation of state support and act as a financial partner for private businesses. On the other hand, we will act as an administrative guarantor of a seamless construction project for investors and increase the profitability of projects,” General Director of the Tourism.RF Corporation Sergey Sukhanov said.